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Something about me and my blog, Nina’s Club.

  Nina’s Club

My name is Nina I have 44 years.
I am married for 14 years now, have two beautiful children, a daughter and a son.
Until my thirtieth year I had an ideal weight of 50kg.
During the first pregnancy in my 34th year, things started going downhill.
From 50kg I jumped to 100kg.
After giving birth, I succeeded in a period of three years to get back to 60 kg with intensive training, I was thrilled with this success. But at the age of 42 I became pregnant again and again 100 kg.
To make things worse I stopped smoking and sport keeps me in balance so I do not gain even more weight.

I tried various diets and I lost some weight. A few pounds up, a few pounds down …  No more escapes!

I decided to try

Since 02/5/17 I decided to try a new method of nutrition.

This means that I am going to eat everything but up to a limit of 1800 calories. My intention is to lose around 9 kilo within six months.

Height 1.66
The present  weight: 77 kg 🙁
The goal: 68 kg 🙂


Every day I will  write on this blog  about the ups and the downs.



Greeting from Nina’s Club

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4 thoughts on “Together, Fit, Healthy & Slim

  1. I already made a couple of mistakes in the beginning, coffee with sugar, oops!
    I had a super breakfast though, a frittata .
    Now I am blown up like a frog, yet satisfied.

  2. Sport 505 calories less

    Today`s menu of 1800 calls consists of:
    Banana, coffee with a little milk and sugar (120cal)
    Warmed up sandwich with cheese, salami, cucumber and tomato (500cal)
    Spaghetti Bolognese 650 (cal)
    Between meal
    Juice (squeezed orange and lemon 100 cal)
    Total of 1370 calories up until 18.00. The rest of 430 calories you can fill in this evening with a cup of coffee, thee and a treat (chocolate, fruit or something that you like)
    Good luck.

  3. Breakfast

    Omelet with peppers 300 cal Cut peppers into small pieces and fry with a little oil. Stear 2 eggs and pour over the peppers. Coffee or tea.

    Lunch 250 cal Plate of chicken or beef soup A cup of yoghurt or kefir 1 apple 60cal dinner 450cal

    Boil: Broccoli, carrots and cauliflower. 1 potato (not yet boiled) cut into thin slices Arrange potatos on the bottom of a smaller pan. Then spread broccoli, carrots and cauliflower over potatos. Add finely cut pieces of white meat chicken on top and in addition add small pieces of mozzarella and bake this in oven around 15-20 minutes.

    1 orange 100cal total of 1160 cal

    With remaining 640 cals you can treat yourself with something you like. (Do not eat late in the evening, no sandwiches or bread past 9 o`clock)

    Good luck

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